Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Waterfall Garden. Gira Educativa y Recreativa, noveno grado

En las faldas del Volcán Poás se encuentra situada la reservada privada más visitada por costarricenses y extranjeros.
Cuenta con senderos, una reserva protegida muy representativa de nuestra flora y fauna silvestre. Aquí podemos encontrar desde felinos, ranas, serpientes, tucanes, lapas hasta mariposas, así como gran variedad de otras especies endémicas.
Los chicos de noveno grado realizaron caminatas por los senderos que llevan a las hermosas caídas de agua así las riquezas naturales de este lugar, lo cual invita a despertar cada uno de nuestros sentidos.

Silvia Chavarría

Eleventh graders at Irazú Volcano and Magmática

Last Friday March 11th, the students of eleven grade were able to experience what they had learnt in the Social Studies and Biology classes about the formation of the Costa Rica landscape. The spectacular weather allowed them to see the Turrialba Volcano from the Irazú, it was throwing ashes, it was simply amazing.
Later they went to the attraction center called Magmática that explains with amazing interactive videos a different perspective of Costa Rica. The geological origin that has marked and continues marking our beautiful young country in America. They were also able to live an experience something really different in the earthquake simulator, from the Cartago to the Limón and finished with the one in Alajuela.

Ileana Calvo

Monday, March 14, 2016

Our trip to The Ostrich Farm

On Friday, 4th March 2016 the Year 2’s visited the West Coast Ostrich Farm to learn and discover more about ostriches. We all hopped on a bus bound for the farm, with our packed lunches and comfortable takkies.
Firstly the students were taken to the museum where they learnt about the ostrich skeleton and its anatomy. Did you know the ostriches eye is bigger than its brain? The students were given mielies to feed the ostriches and shown how to lay their hand flat. Ostriches don’t have teeth so children were reassured that it would not hurt them. Next was time to see an enclosure with baby ostriches from Kenya. The students also had a chance to stand on ostrich eggs and were fascinated that 1 ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs. The students were shown a pair of crocodiles and got to touch the shell of a very old turtle. They met and fed Tom-Tom the smallest fully grown ostrich in the world which is featured in the Guinness World Book of Records. After that it was time for the bravest students to sit on the back of an adult male ostrich which caused many nervous giggles and excitement. 
Lastly the students were able to munch on their snacks and have fun on the playground. The students thoroughly enjoyed their excursion and learnt many new exciting things about ostriches and their environment.

Miss Amber Crake
Year 2 Teacher
Blouberg International School (South Africa)

Sewing Club

The very talented members of the Infant Sewing Club have had a creative and productive term. Amongst their designs have been Valentine's Day embroidery, decorated butterflies, fluffy animal print cushions and colourful drawstring Easter Egg bags. The children have learnt some useful skills and have been delighted with the end results. In years to come, unlike my own son, they should have no problems when a button needs attaching to a favourite shirt! Well done everyone. You have shown excellent focus and determination.

Mrs Bell
Grantham Preparatory International School (United Kingdom)