Friday, February 26, 2016

Fibonacci Clocks

Last half term the Year 9 pupils made their own Fibonacci clocks linking mathematical topics of construction and sequences. Their hour hand was the Fibonacci spiral. The majority of their Colour Friday was devoted to the clocks and their hard efforts have paid off with most of the pupils completing the clocks with a design and stand.

The winning clock was made by Johnny and Mykyta. Their excellent team work and stricking design won them the prize. Jessica and Cristina also produced high quality clocks and both take an honourable second place.

Hanna Keating

ST JOHN’S International School (Sidmouth, UK)

PYP 6 Kindness Boxes

As part of their Unit of Inquiry, each student was required to create a box for someone in the class filled with things to make the person feel appreciated, cared for and treasured as a part of the PYP 6 group. It was done anonymously and the children loved the surprises in store for them as they opened their box. From special notes and delicious treats to fancy hats and colourful pictures, each box was created to express our Central Idea, "The choices we make affect how we interact with others."

PYP 6 Teacher

Hout Bay International School (South Africa)