Friday, February 12, 2016

Year 9 EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Game-like activities are vital to the enjoyment and successful acquisition of a new language, as is that thing we all claim to lose as we get older: our memory. While we in the EAL department avoid sending pupils away with lengthy lists of key words to learn, we do encourage fun, memory-based activities which achieve that oh-so-special combination of learning whilst having fun!
The proof was in the pudding last week when EAL pupils in Year 9 took part in an Auditory Pelmanism activity. We've all played Visual Pelmanism in the form of "pairs" but take away the cards and add numbers to represent new words and their definitions and it becomes a whole lot trickier!
Nichaphat, Kyara and Cristina were victorious, proving that their powers of recollection (and indeed their understanding of our new words) surpassed those of Tomas, Jessica and Mykyta - this time, anyway. Well done both teams for your valiant efforts!

Ms Hodgetts and Ms Larby
St. John’s International School (Sidmouth – U.K.)

The Swimarathon

The Prep Piranhas 2016 took part in the 27th Anniversary Rotary Club of Grantham Swimarathon on Sunday. This year we had a mixed team of eight made up from year 3 up to year 6. With the record of 216 in mind the squad set off at a blistering pace - despite advice from coach Park to "calm down" and "don't get too excited" they ignored his pleas and they set about reeling in the record. After 10 minutes it became clear to the older heads of the team that the record was out of their reach and they should just swim for fun and the pride of being part of a wonderful event. 174 lengths was our eventual total and the end of a very satisfying afternoon's swim. The hard work now begins as the team members - and coach attempt to gather in the £750 pledged. If you could honour your pledges to your team member as soon as possible that would be most appreciated and we can send off our record total to the Rotary Club as soon as possible. Well done everyone who so generously sponsored the team.

Mr Park
Grantham Preparatory International School (United Kingdom)