Friday, January 15, 2016

Wendy and Peter Pan by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Last week the Junior children travelled to Stratford to see a performance of Wendy and Peter Pan, an adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. We had a wonderful experience being transported to Neverland.
Ella Hickson's enchanting re-telling of this classic tale enthralled all of our children. Her adaptation was inspired by the importance of female struggles during the early part of the 20th century. She knew that she wanted it to be Wendy's story, showing that girls can be adventurous and brave. The strength of the Darling family was also important to her especially at a time of loss. An additional member of the family was created and his death led the way for Wendy into Neverland. 
Class 5 children shared their views and all of them were transported into this magical world where they were amazed, transfixed and excited by the incredible scenery and performances.
The girls were excited by the fact that Wendy did not just have to "play mother". She had real struggles and heroics.
It was certainly a superb performance that excited everybody.

Mrs Harman
Grantham Preparatory International School (United Kingdom)

Crime Lab Club

Last week 10 Year 7 and 8 pupils started the Crime Lab Club designed by a former Scotland Yard detective. It is a 6 week club that involves 5 forensic techniques with the 6th week bringing all that they have learnt together to solve a crime. Last week we looked at fingerprints, taking our own set of fingerprints, using magnifying cards to look at the patterns and identifying what patterns we have. We then put our thumbprint on a balloon before blowing it up so we could see the patterns more clearly.

This week we looked at how detectives investigate a crime scene for minute clues. The pupils collected items forensically that had been placed around the room and are writing a story to link the clues together. We then looked at several items that had been magnified by 20 times to try to identify them.

Mrs Dunster-Ashworth
St. John’s International School (Sidmouth – U.K.)

Monday, January 11, 2016

La tenacidad brinda sus frutos

Nuestro estudiante de Sexto Grado 2016 y miembro del Equipo de Natación SEK, Ismael Abarca Jiménez, se encuentra desde hace algunas semanas entrenando con el Equipo de Natación Zeus de Norwalk, Connecticut. El equipo, fundado hace más de 50 años, se encuentra en el puesto número 10 de 54 equipos del estado de Connecticut y en él entrenan más de 150 niños y adolescentes.
Gracias a sus marcas con el equipo SEK, Ismael fue ubicado con el grupo ¨Gold¨ que es el último escalón para luego ubicarse dentro del equipo que compite a nivel nacional.

Dentro de los más recientes resultados obtenidos por nuestro atleta, podemos citar los siguientes:

100 libre, 3er lugar
100 combinado individual, 2do lugar
100 pecho, 2do lugar
200 combinado individual, 1er lugar
50 mariposa, 3er lugar
50 pecho, 3er lugar
200 pecho open, 4to lugar
Esperamos que Isma obtenga muchos éxitos más antes de reincorporarse con nuestro equipo donde estamos seguros que seguirá triunfando gracias a su compromiso y tenacidad.

Mr. Ronald Ramírez
Jefatura de Estudios

In the Spanish class

In the Spanish class, Anna Linden from PYP 3, did a wonderful presentation about her traditions and beliefs about the Celebration of Christmas. We took the opportunity to translate into Spanish some of the terms that we all learned from Anna's presentation. The students were asking and answering questions to each other about the information they have just learned. Way to go Anna!

Boca Prep International School (United States of America)