Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fears In Science Fair

During the process of investigation, we had to look for the different ways in which age changes the way that peopleperceive fears, that was the topic of our project! While investigating about the topic, we were able to realize that other people had already done projects related to fears perception. However, there were different ways in which these people had interpreted and analyzed the assignment. When we researched for information we noticed that most of the project was based on the surveys that were done. Getting to know more about this topic helped each one of us to increase our knowledge and to learn about the human mind and due to this, we can all approve that our project was very different, effective, and definitely a nice experience. 

It was interesting to do the polls because there were a great variety of answers and reactions to our questions. One teacher started to answer a question and lasted about 20 minutes answering just one question and it was difficult to summarize the answer on our presentation. Also it was difficult to make the questions about fears to students from 6th grade because they always answered that they did not have any fears. Well, not accepting fear was part of an answer to the way age changes the way we perceive it. 

While presenting to all the people at the Science Fair who came to our stand, we were really nervous because we did not feel ready. Then, the first judge came and after we finished presenting our project she told us it was a very interesting project and that we did a really good job, which made us feel more confident. We finally presented to other judges who seemed to like it. Finally we were the winners, not only of the School Science Fair, but of experience. 

Astrid May, Adrián Sáenz, and Emma Willis
Eighth Grade students

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