Friday, November 18, 2016

Former teacher at St. John's

Former teacher at St. John's, Robbie Powell, spent two week among our students here at SEK Costa Rica. The idea was to exchamge traditional games and sports played in each country. 
We wish more teachers for SJS will stop in our school. 

 Mr. Powell shared also with  two former pupils who spent a term no long ago in Saint John´s School - Sophia and Ignacio.

A Fieldtrip to Ujarrás

Last Tuesday a group of students from seventh grade went to the city of Ujarrás.
This was the perfect opportunity to nurture relationships between not only old but also new friends. The first stop was at a viewpoint with an excellent view. The weather was perfect for taking pictures and selfies with friends. At 10:30 am we arrived at the pools and soon the games began. The group was separated into four smaller groups which had a series of tests about speed, logics and strategy. After plenty of games that encouraged teamwork and communication, the group was ready to relax and enjoy the pool. In fact, students agreed that this was the best way to spend a Tuesday, enjoying friends and nature!