Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My experience in Summer Camp 2016

Since we were at the airport in San José, all of us were very excited and happy that a new experience was about to begin, but none of us actually knew the change it would make on our lives. After a really long trip from San José to London, we were already starting to enjoy everything we saw. As we arrived to the hotel a beautiful friendship started growing between all of us. We spent every night in the hotel hallway, even though we had separate rooms, talking and sharing food maybe till 2 a.m. In London, we went to visit the Wembley Stadium, which everyone enjoyed. After that, we got to downtown London and went on a City Tour. We saw the Guard Change at the Buckingham Palace; we went to the Madame Tussauds Museum, London Eye, and many other places we enjoyed a lot!On our last day in London, on our way to the St John’s International School, we stopped at Stonehenge, where we took lots of photos. As we arrived to the school, we had a warm welcome by the staff that we still love and miss every day. We were assigned to our bedrooms. Some shared with people from Paraguay, Russia and Spain. I had never felt so attached to something in just a few days. As weeks passed we became friends with everyone in the camp, and leaving them broke our hearts.  

Every day we had English classes during the mornings and after lunch we had activities that we all liked no matter our age, gender or nationality. Cooking brownies and sharing them, going to the beach and painting  rocks, playing sports such as football or basketball and some new ones for us like cricket were some of the many  activities that we enjoyed with our friends and staff. During the weekends we went on field trips. That was the best part of the week. We went to a water park where we spent plenty of our money in the candy shop and had fun at the water slides. We also went to Woodlands and to an amusement park.
All of this made of this trip an unforgettable experience; maybe the only one in which you get to meet so many people from different countries and be friends with them, meet the best staff who makes you learn things for life and have fun at the same time.  
After crying the night before and even more the day we had to leave, we went to Madrid for 3 days. We went to the Bernabéu Stadium, to the Escorial, to the Valle de Los Caídos and we went shopping. The group strengthened a friendship that had started when we left Costa Rica.
In fact, this was such an incredible trip that it actually cannot be expressed in just this article. I can assure you that this experience was full of amazing people, moments and places which will forever bring big smiles on our faces.

Laura Camacho S.