Friday, February 19, 2016

Gateway to Space

The sixth graders visited the Space Exhibition this week. The purpose of this field trip was for students to learn about the various space programs that enable humans to discover the planets that are near and far.
The highlight of the field trip was the simulators. Students gained experience on how astronauts are trained.
Students also participated in a "treasure hunt" exercise where they had to find answers to questions. For example: What kind of animals were sent to space? What was the most famous space animal and what was its name? How do astronauts store their food on the space shuttle? Why is it important for the astronauts to exercise regularly? This was an interesting, interactive exhibition.

SEK Budapest International School (Hungary)

Collographs with Mr. Hoffman

Collographs are a form of printing using cardboard and other found materials to create an impression with ink on paper. We used damp water color paper for our prints but rice paper, muslin, and any flat surface that can go through a press can be used.
Students were shown the works of Thomas McKnight, an American painter who produced a vast number of serigraphs showing scenes of global destinations through the windows and doors of an interior space. They were asked to create a scene with a view, either from an interior or exterior perspective.
Students started with a cardboard base, called, the plate. They then added objects to the plate or removed sections of the plate taking into account that the raised objects would print. Students used cardboard pieces, coins, pipe cleaners, buttons, beans, rice, etc. No one knew what the results would be from this process, but everyone was interested to find out. Students then sealed the cardboard with Modge Podge in order for the plate to maintain it’s integrity.
The results were varied and surprising. In general, everyone got at least one good print from the experience. If interested, they can always go back into the print with colored pencils or water color paint to add to the image.

Andrew Hoffman

Art Teacher
Boca Prep International School (United States of America)