Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Global Issues Class involves topics of worldwide interest. Globalization is one of these topics. Since analyzing is one of the main objectives of the course, students have been going through a process of discovering pros and cons of a globalized world. As a result, 6B worked on the designing of their own companies, performing the role of business individuals, deciding their purposes and the market strategies to invite customers. They wanted to have companies in which workers feel well-treated, respected, and motivated. They also wanted to get money by selling good products through excellent publicity. Consequently, four new enterprises were developed: two of them sold clothes but these ones included big size clothes because students considered that people around the world are not skinny. The other clothes store sold sports clothes and coffee. The cafeteria is surrounded by clothes, so when customers are drinking a delicious cup of coffee, they can take some minutes to decide the new items they want to buy.
On the other hand, the other two teams decided to invest their money on restaurants. One of the restaurants is aimed to adult people who want to be at a quiet place. The place has appropriate open hours for those who work late at night and want to find a nice place to go after their jobs. The other restaurant, “MultiDiets”, is an amazing place where you can find healthy food, a variety of gluten-free products, and food for diabetic patients. 
Students are talented. Teachers just have to challenge them to do their best.

Karen González
Global Issues 6B

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