Friday, February 5, 2016

Year 9 Field Trip to the Holocaust Centre
Opinion pieces by the students

The Holocaust gives us insight into the nature of human beings. It shows that stereotyping is common - everybody judges people whether it be because of the way they look or the way they act. It also shows us that all can be influenced with lies and people are naïve enough to believe in those who have the power. Throughout the history of the world we see people discriminating against others. We see people making the same mistakes over and over again. The question for our future is whether the people of earth ever learn from theses mistakes? Reuben

Hitler wanted to eliminate all Jews as well as homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, disabled people, blacks, Roma and Slavs – anyone who was not the perfect Aryan. Liam

I think that the Nazis and Hitler, their ruler, were terrible in the way they showed disrespect for life. Treating others like dirt and slaughtering them like animals without any emotion whatsoever. They may, however have thought that they were doing their country a favour by “purifying” it of “inferiors”. Perhaps they reasoned that non-Germans and others that were not pure were slowing the progress and development of the country. It could have been one thing to deport such people, but instead they took away a fundamental basic right – that to life. Ethan

Students, when they first hear they are going to have to learn about the Holocaust think, “Ugh! Why?” I’ve gotten past that point. The next is the horror when we hear about the killings described in detail. Little children shot, families separated. We realize just how truly inhumane the Nazis were. I’m past that point as well. Where I am at is scary and interesting. I now can closely examine the Nazi’s killing process, the propaganda, the dictatorship – everything – and truly “admire” the handiwork of a madman. It is interesting to consider the process involved in running a fascist state. John-Clair

When Hitler went on his crusade declaring war, it was violent and wrong. I feel depressed and angry about what happened during the Holocaust. Luca

I cannot imagine what is must have been like for the Nazi soldiers killing innocent people and having to live with the memories of their actions nor the Jews and others - overpowered and taken to their deaths. Dylan

The Holocaust in Germany was similar to Apartheid in South Africa. The stereotyping of others who were different resulted in prejudice and unfairness. This led to violence in both cases. The taking away of basic human rights was a crime in both cases. Damien

Helderberg International School (South Africa)

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