Thursday, January 7, 2016

PYP 5 Showcase: Explorations

The fifth grade put on a showcase for their parents, family, and friends last week to exhibit their work from their unit of inquiry on "Explorations." The students learned about early world exploration, trade routes, world map development, and the exchanges between cultures that took place at the time, as well as how this influenced civilization as we know it today. They also focused on the Aztec and Incan cultures in Central and South America. The students created a festival in the classroom displaying artifacts they made including Aztec codices, golden plaques of gods and goddesses, calendar stones, and Incan quipus and potato art. They also displayed various research projects they did in class including stories they wrote and a giant timeline of exploration. The students served Xocolatyl, an Aztec chili chocolate drink and potato chips, since potatoes were so important to the Incan culture. At the end of the showcase, the students showed a movie they created on The Fall of the Aztecs! The showcase was a success, proving that the fifth graders are creative, inquiring, knowledgeable, balanced, communicative, and open-minded to other cultures!

Mrs. Kurth, PYP 5

Boca Prep International School (United States of America)

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