Wednesday, December 2, 2015

8-C Music Final Project

The last project of 8th grade, is about the combination of different areas in which each student decide to participate according to their abilities, talents and personal interests. Some of them of them sing, while others are in charge of the scenography. Some of them dance and others play musical instruments. The rule is: everybody must be involved!

8-C's version of "Riptide", included a lot of singers, bongo drums, cajon, tambourine, sticks and flutes. The original harmonic base in this music piece, is played by the ukulele, but in this case, the harmony was on the gifted hands of Gloriana Ortiz in the piano, who learned the chords in an excellent way. As the introduction of the piece and melodic interludes, Michellu Lu, played the flute.

Here is the link of the video, recorded and edited by Jean Gabriel Marín. Take a look!

Ms. Andrea Zeledón

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